Leading Into the Shoot – Quick Tips

How to Perform on Camera — What to Say:

Truly, the primary thing you should do to prepare is to get rid of the idea that you have to put forth some incredible performance. Because honestly, these days, performances aren’t credible at all. That’s why you’re working with us.

Trust us, our conversationalist knows how to get you talking, he’ll ask relevant and insightful questions, and as you guys discuss back and forth we’ll be sure to invisibly support the whole process with just enough structure gathered from your pre-production forms to keep everything on target.

The conversationalist doesn’t have all the answers; they’ve been kept relatively fresh to help resemble prospects viewing your video for the first time. They’ll take the position of somebody interested in getting to know more about you, so you can simply converse with him like you would talk to a potential prospect or customer.

Just show up ready to be honest with us, don’t get lost trying to self-evaluate your “performance” every second of every minute as you talk with us, and we’ll draw out of you all the wonderful things that make you and what you offer so worthwhile.

Show up. Be real with us. Have fun with it. We’ll take care of the rest.

Wardrobe Guidelines:

First, there are just a few technical considerations:

  • Try to steer away from solid white (or really light colors). We’re shooting on a white set and it won’t stand out from the background very well.
  • No thin sequential stripes (measuring less than 1/4 inch in diameter.) Most patterns are okay but occasionally smaller patterns don’t film well due to the moiré effect. Solid colors are always a safe bet.
  • Deep earth tones or vibrant colors will stand out well on a clean-white set, but the main consideration is to steer away from colors that are extremely light.
  • Finally, when in doubt, you can’t go wrong with a suit or a business-casual outfit. Also feel free to bring a few wardrobe options to the studio and decide there.


Ideally, your wardrobe choice will parallel and support a primary goal of the video production:
To see you real, and to make a good impression with interested people.

Foremost, you should wear clothing that you are comfortable in. Remember, you are not putting on a show, so don’t worry about losing those last few pounds or wearing this month’s hottest designer. Instead, simply dress the way you would if you were going to meet a potential customer / client.

With that said, you should certainly look presentable and approachable. Unfortunately, people do judge a book by its cover. This psychological principle is called “The Halo Effect”. Through the Halo Effect, viewers perceive superior qualities in people and things that have positive visual features. That means save the downtown partying until after the shoot =)

While you do communicate certain values through your clothing choice, they are small compared to what you communicate through your confidence level and comfort. Come happy, come well rested, and come relaxed. Remember, when you’re offering something that people appreciate, enjoy, need, and/or respect, there’s no pressure. All you have to do is share it with us in a conversation.

Driving Directions:

Our Address:
Sunpop Studios
16221 Crystal Hills Drive
Austin, TX 78737

Click this link for Google’s driving directions to the studio.  By default, this map is giving directions from the airport.  If you’re driving in from elsewhere, simply change the starting point to wherever you like.

Our studio building is located on the Wizard Academy campus, so you’ll enter the driveway for Wizard Academy. Just park beside the Welcome Center (first building you see on the left after pulling through the driveway). The friendly staff behind the front desk will be expecting you, so just introduce yourself and they’ll let us know you’ve arrived. We’ll lead you the last couple hundred yards to our quiet tucked-away location.