Then finish your video for $4,495 or $5,995

The price depends on how long you choose to stretch out the editing with either the FastTrack Process or the Interactive Process.

Flat rates feature 1 person.

Adding more people costs $1,995/person.

FastTrack vs Interactive

FastTrack Editing Process

The FastTrack editing process lets you tap into 20+ years of expertise and quickly get a tight, professional, unscripted video at the low price of $4,495. When you choose the FastTrack process, we’ll just do smart things based on years of experience, without your input. In a few days, you’ll find a professionally shot and edited video in your email. You’ll then have 48 hours to request any free changes and approve your Sunpop video for final delivery. Simple as that.

Interactive Editing Process

The Interactive editing process is for businesses who need more than 48 hours to review and approve their video. With the Interactive editing process, you can slow-walk the production by going through revision after revision across multiple days or weeks. Clients who choose the Interactive process are usually large corporations that need to pass the video through a committee before approving it for delivery. Interactive editing starts at $5,995. Still a solid bang-for-your-buck.

What’s the difference?

When you work with Sunpop, our one goal is the successful production of your unscripted Sunpop Video. However, we offer 2 different paths to reach that goal.

If you want to keep going after your free shoot, we can edit the video with FastTrack editing process, or an Interactive editing process. The difference comes down to budget and timeline.

Regardless of which path you choose, the core of every Sunpop production remains the same. We provide a laid back and easy process that delivers a great video for your business.

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